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Purga is a saga written in South American slang. The march begins with a concept.






An independent magazine produced in print and digital format. As a project, it was born out of the implacable conversations with Rocío Fernández Fuks, where we asked ourselves what the place was for a new publication in the current media ecosystem. PURGA placed it's bet on reflection, and gathered original work and discourse. The first issue had a theme ("lootings") that served as the organizing axis, and we invited collaborators from different disciplines.

As a proposal, PURGA had a strong stance in two ways: interdisciplinarity, and curated editorial work. In this sense, both the contents and the organization of them were an integral part of the project.

In its first issue, PURGA published and sold out 300 print magazines, which were presented with a happening and exhibition in Granate Gallery. Simultaneously, it was published in web format.


Direction: Luciana Serrano, Rocío Fernández
Editorial Direction: Luciana Serrano
Design: Rocío Fernández
Montage at Granate Gallery: Natacha Voliakovsky
Print in: Cooperativa Gráfica del Pueblo

The first issue had pieces by: Hernán Confino, Tomás Epstein,  Esteban Wolfenson, Juan Ibarlucía,
Daniel Schteingart, Analía Fernández, Lucía Tchechenistky, Daniela Raskovsky, El Fluxor, Johanna Wilhelm, Francisco Hauser, Juan Martín Ayerbe, Natacha Voliakovsky.

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