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Your rage is gold



2019 - 2020




Nuevo Oro is a digital publication that gives voice and archive to interventions by 24 Latin American artists with different backgrounds, nationalities and areas of work, who challenge the social situations that the south of the continent is going through during 2019. These proposals are organized around three main focuses: The diverse value, the struggles and transversal systems that intersect in the demonstrations; Languages ​​are gold, transgressed symbols and power in the management of information from the official media and social networks; and finally, Renewing daily life, from intimate to collective readings in different situations of instability and encounter.

Nuevo Oro is an independent publication that brings together voices from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Chile which question different situations that have marked 2019 in their territories. It is coordinated from Colombia by the Colectivo .Co, under the direction of Andrea Ospina Santamaría and with the collaboration of Laura Sánchez.

Nuevo Oro Conversations / Artistic practices and social manifestations in Latin America is a series of 9 podcasts that cover the voices of some of the participating artists, who delve into the proposals included in the book, the artist's work and the context in which they live. It was produced and published during 2020.

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