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Paying attention to critical spatial practices


2021 - 




The Cooperativa Espacial ("Spatial Cooperative") is a group of people with different backgrounds like design, architecture, anthropology, archival work, and documentary filmmaking. The Coop develops projects at the intersection of architecture, art, technology, and community organization. It uses critical research, self-management, and design to operate in reality, promoting diversity and social, spatial, and environmental justice. The Coop is, thinks, and does located in the South of the Americas.

Created in Buenos Aires in 2021, it has expanded its research and design projects to cover a wide array of strategic partnerships: art galleries, design studios, community organizations, publishing firms, educational programs, and people who in general are concerned about how we make-space in this world.

In 2022 the Coop has: developed a public program discussing nation-building through the creation of borders and deserts, curated an art exhibition, partnered with a grassroots cultural organization to design a community center, worked as a think thank to research the history of a river, organized a book presentation for a publishing firm that specializes in socio-spatial topics, consulted for a patrimonial recovery project connected to cultural industries, created a photo essay on a neglected area of the coastal edge of Buenos Aires for an international exhibition, supported the organization of neighbors who are in the process of recovering a plot of unused land as an urban nature reserve, facilitated experiential learning workshops in urban topography and history, and some more.

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