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«There is no attempt, then, to describe a crisis, to claim the new against the old, to simulate convenient and safe parricides.»


ARGENTINA, 2012-2014




This web experiment arose from a personal interest within the framework of a postgraduate research project. The research project, called "Generalized Anthropology", aimed to address the theoretical debate of current anthropology that shares a "post-constructivist" space. From there, efforts were made to put into tension the disciplinary subdivisions of anthropology, the relationships between "social" and "natural" sciences, the separations between art and science, the question of alterity and the links between the anthropological tradition of Argentina, the metropoli, and of the "global south". Designed as a training space for undergraduate and graduate students, the project was a forum in which the research of its members was discussed in the light of broader theoretical debates and within exchanges with biologists, artists, philosophers, activists, etc.


In that context, the development of a virtual community sought to explore new ways of conducting collaborative research, and to test the results of making our program and our readings available to the public. The aim was to challenge our own introspective and almost paranoid impulses as academic researchers by making our moods visible, whether of work, or of stagnation. We created collective meeting records that I transformed into online pages with hyperlinks to books, articles and videos. The platform became a way to synthesize our gatherings and discussions, as well as a resource for the communication of anthropological issues and problems, and as such, it resulted in a new working methodology in our practice as researchers.

You can access the platform here

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